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French Level 1
    Unit 1: Leçon 5
    Saying "Goodbye"
    As in English, there are several different ways to say goodbye in French.

    Look at how Victoire and Lucas say goodbye to Mme. Bordeaux:

    Track 10
    (Madame Bordeaux exits)
    1. Au revoir, Madame
    2. Au revoir, Madame
    3. Au revoir

    Note also how Victoire and Lucas say goodbye to each other:

    Track 11
    1. Au revoir, Luc
    2. À bientôt, Victoire

    Below is a table containing the most commonly used words for saying "goodbye". Let's look at, and listen to these words (note the words that are listed as "formal" are to be used with adults, while words listed as "familiar" are to be used with friends and other people your own age and/or younger. Remember that family members also fit into the "familiar" category, even if they are adults!):

    Track 12
    au revoir (form/fam) until I see you again
    adieu (form/fam) go with God
    à la prochaîne (fam) 'til the next time
    à bientôt (fam) see you soon
    salut (fam) bye (also used for "hi")

    YOU DID IT! You have finished Unit 1, well, once you have finished the Unité assignment.
    See you in Unité 2! À la prochaîne!

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