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French Level 1
    Unit 4: Leçon 3
    Des "Petits" Mots
    Hi! Yes, I'm back for a moment to give you a little change of subject. I want to show you some words that are used quite often in French. Check out the table below and say the French words with me as you read and listen.

    Track 42
    Des "Petits" Mots (some "little" words)
    oui yes
    non no (that was tough!)
    mais but
    à at, to (usually)
    de of, from (usually)
    avec with
    et and
    ou, où or, where (respectively)

    You will be seeing these words over and over throughout this course. Watch carefully so that you will be able to use them correctly when speaking and writing en français!

    Its time now for your favorite part of each Unité! The assignment and test! See you in Unité 5.


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