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French Level 1
    Unit 6: Leçon 1b
    Des Nourritures
    Now that you know a few different kinds of foods, let's look at how you say you're hungry in French and what words you use to order food.

    Check out the chart below:

    Track 53
    Des Phrases  
    Tu as faim? Are you hungry (Have you hunger)?
    J'ai faim. I am hungry (I have hunger).
    Je voudrais un sandwich. I want a sandwich. (polite form)
    S'il te plaît, donne-moi un sandwich. Please, give me a sandwich.
    Merci! Thank you!

    Now go through the above table again only substitute some of the other foods we have learned. For example: instead of "Je voudrais un sandwich" try "Je voudrais un hamburger" or "Je voudrais une pizza". When you have finished, go on to the next paragraph below. Take your time, I don't mind waiting. Really!

    WOW! Finished already?! Sweet! Let's keep going.

    I want to tell you a story! My best friend, Gille and I hang out A LOT of the time together. Yesterday I was dying for a hamburger. Check out the dialog between Gille and me below. Follow along as you listen and read it:

    Track 54
    1. Gille! J'ai faim! 2. Qu'est-ce que tu veux manger, Luc?
    3. Hum.... Je voudrais un hamburger! 4. Bon! Allons au chez McDonald's?

    Now it's time for a test! See if you can figure out, in English, what Gille and I were saying to each other in French. Type your answer in the boxes below. I'll send you back the answers!

    Don't forget to type your full name too!

    Ready for more! Well there's TONS more, but first you better do the assignmentfor this Unité.
    Catch you later. À bientôt!

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