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French Level 1
    Unit 9: Leçon 3
    L'École: Les Personnes
    I am now going to introduce (or re-introduce) to you some of the people who work at our lycée so that you may learn the French words for their titles. (Please note that the titles for teachers and students are not shown in this leçon. That is because they were included previously. If you don't remember the French words for these terms, refer back to Leçon 1a.)

    Ready? Bien! Commençons:

    Track 89
    1. M. LeBrun:

    le directeur
    (feminine form:
    la directrice)
    2. Mme. LaMoine:

    la sous-directrice
    (masculine form:
    le sous-directeur)
    3. Mme. Corneille:

    la secrétaire
    (masculine form = same)
    4. M. Molière:

    le conseiller
    (feminine form:
    la conseillère)
    5. M. Chevalier:

    le concierge
    (feminine form = same)
    6. Mlle. Racine:

    la bibilothécaire
    (masculine form = same)

    We both know that these are only a handful of the many people that keep a lycée running. There are many, many more. However, this will serve our purposes for the time being.

    Feel free to go back and review all of this vocabulary. When you are ready, go on to the assignment.

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