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Test Hints:

Final: Africa (50 points)

This page contains information for all World History classes being taught by Mr. Charon:

You now have the definite advantage of knowing before hand the format for the Final on Africa. To do well on this Final, be sure to study each of the following:


  1. Be familiar with all information given in class about Youssou N'Dour (from the overhead) and Neneh Cherry .


  1. Read through Chapter 36, Section 4: "Struggles in South Africa", pg. 938-942. Be sure that you can answer the section review questions in your mind, this will help prepare you for this part of the test. To further help you to prepare for the final, you may take the Practice Quiz for Chapter 36.


  1. Make sure that you remember the information in the Lost Civilization's video (pictured at left) shown in class about the problems dealing with African History. Study the items on the video paper that you received after viewing this movie. (If you are not sure about this part, go to the Time-Life Site and read about this video, go to the public library and check out the video, or read the information in your book about the "Great Zimbabwe" page 296-297 and check out the Virtual Tour!).

    On the extra credit portion of the test, a pictures will be shown. You will need to write the correct name of the person in the photograph next to that person's picture. The name of this person is "Nelson Mandela".