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Notes: The French Revolution & the Scarlet Pimpernel

Read Ch.17, sec.2 & Ch.19, sec.1,2,&3 for background info about all of the following:

Les Bourbons

  1. Henri IV (4TH): Edict of Nantes: Gives freedom of religion to protestants
  2. Louis XIII (13TH): mentor, Cardinal Richelieu controls France
  3. Louis XIV (14TH): Controls Nobles by making foolish servants of them, Revokes the Edict of Nantes and destroys France's economy
  4. Louis XV (15TH)
  5. Louis XVI (16TH): Weak and spineless ruler
    Marie Antoinette-his wife: She is forced to run the country

The National Assembly
  1. The 1st Estate: The Clergy
  2. The 2nd Estate: The Nobles
  3. The 3rd Estate: Everyone else!

The Tennis Court Oath: The 3rd Estate lock themselves inside a tennis court and vow to remain there until they have written a Constitution for France!

The Storming of the Bastille on Tues. July 14, 1789: The French National Holiday which celebrates the beginning of French Democracy.

French Revolution
Titles Abolished
-Everyone called 'citizen'
King Louis 16th beheaded
- January 1793

2nd Phase of the Revolution
Called the Radical Phase or
the "Reign of Terror"
-July 1793-July 1794

Nobles beheaded
-men, women, & children
Queen Marie Antoinette
-beheaded Oct. 1793

Leader of the Committee of Public Safety
-Wants to end Christianity in France
-Begins new calendar based on the revolution
rather than on the birth date of Jesus
-Later, begins a new religion
-Condemns others to the Guillotine

≥The Scarlet Pimpernel≤
-Takes place during the 2nd Phase
  1. Percy Blakney-The Scarlet Pimpernel
  2. Marguerite St. Juste-Actress, wife of Percy
  3. Armand St. Juste-Brother of Marguerite
  4. Louise Longee-Actress, fiancee of Armand
  5. Sir Andrew & Tony-friends and co-conspirators with Percy
  6. Paul Chauvelin-Enemy of the Scarlet Pimpernel
  7. Robespierre-Leader of the Revolution
  8. Baron de Batz-Loyal only to himself
  9. The Dauphin-heir to the French throne

C'est Tout! (That's all)

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