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Test Hints:

The French Revolution & the Scarlet Pimpernel

Periods 1,4, & 7: (60 points); Periods 2 & 8: (30 points)

To do well on this Final, be sure to study each of the following:

  1. NOTES:

  2. BOOK:

    • All Classes: Read Chapter 19, Sections 1, 2, & 3.
      Look at all of the section review questions and be sure that you can answer them!

  3. FILM:

    • Make certain that you pay attention during the viewing of the film and that you are able to recognize the names of, and have general knowledge about, the characters and their importance to the story.


    As with most of the tests given in class, you will be provided with opportunities for extra credit by responding correctly to one, two, or all three of the following items (2 points each).

    1. What do the three colors of the French flag (also known as the "tricolor") represent?
      Answer: The Blue and Red stripes represent Paris.
      The White stripe represents the French Royalty.

    2. How old were Louis XIII (13th) and Louis XIV (14th) when they became king?
      Answer: 5 years old.

    3. Why did the Scarlet Pimpernel behave so foolishly in public?
      Answer: You're on your own with this one!

    This test is scheduled for Friday, April 30th


    Go to the class notes for the test!