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French Level 1
    Unit 3: Leçon 5
    Le Temps
    In this lesson, we will be discussing the weather.
    (I have thrown in some pictures that match the definitions to make the leçon a little more fun for you):

    Track 31
    Quel temps fait-il?
    Il fait beau.
    (It is beautiful.)
    Il fait bon.
    (It is good weather.)
    (It is a nice day.)
    Il fait chaud.
    (It is hot.)
    Il fait de nuage.
    (It is cloudy.)
    Il fait mauvais.
    (It is bad weather.)
    Il fait frois.
    (It is cold.)
    Il fait du vent.
    (It is windy.)
    Il pleut.
    (It is raining.)
    Il neige.
    (It is snowing.)

    You notice that in the majority of the sentences above, the words, "Il fait" are used. When speaking about the weather, the French word, "il" means, "it" (en anglais). The second French word, "fait" means "make" (en anglais). So you can see that a sentence in English, such as, "It is a nice day", becomes, "Il fait bon" (en français). (The literal translation of "il fait bon" in English would be, "It makes good". I know that this sounds funny to you, but to me, or any other French speaking person, it makes perfect sense. It will make sense to you too as you continue on your path to becoming a French speaker!) Let's move on!

    The next part of this leçon will be a little easier to decipher. Each of the following pictures represents one of the four seasons. Try to guess each one:

Track 32
le printemps l'été l'automn l'hiver

    That's it for this Unité! In the next Unité (Unit), you will learn how to tell time! But first, you have an assignment to do!

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