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Chapter 1: The Prophet

1. About what year was the Prophet born? Where was he born?

2. What did the Prophet's early name of Laulawasikaw mean in English?

3. What were some of the virtues taught by the Prophet to the Native American peoples?

4. In what year and in what city and state did the Prophet and Tecumseh begin engaging in superstitious rites with many of the Native American tribes in the area?

5. According to the document, why did the governor of Ohio have the right to remove the Prophet and his followers from the land?

6. Why did the Native Americans refuse to leave?

7. What did William Henry Harrison say in his letter to these Indians to try and persuade them not to follow the Prophet?

8. Who or what were the Seventeen Fires spoken of by Harrison?

9. According to his letter to President Adams, how did Thomas Jefferson feel about the Prophet? Did he agree or disgree with any or all of his teachings?

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