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Chapter II: Tecumseh

10. When (year) and where was Tecumseh born?

11. How many children were there in Tecumseh's family?

12. Was Tecumseh a natural leader? With which weapon was he an expert?

13. What event did Tecumseh witness during his first warlike movement that so impressed him that he swore that he would never do it?

14. What famous military leader did Tecumseh meet during the battle of August 1794?

15. In what year did Tecumseh join the Delaware Indians?

16. What famous town did Tecumseh and the Prophet live in during 1808? Why was this town so important to them and to their followers?

17. What was the ultimate desire of Tecumseh at this time? What methods did he use in his attempt to accomplish his design?

18. What characteristics did Tecumseh possess which made him a great leader?

19. What characteristics did the Prophet possess?

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