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Chapter VI: The Incidents of the Battle

20. Give two examples, one for the soldiers and one for the Native Americans that depicts the bravery of these men in battle:

21. How did General Harrison show his bravery during the battle?

22. What did the Native Americans do to their bullets to make the wounds created by them to be more lacerating?

23. What did the American army eat on the day of the battle?

24. Who was Ben? What was he believed to have been diong that led to his capture by the Army?

25. Describe the method of restraint usually used by the Native Americans that was used on Ben?

26. Why did General Harrison decide not to have Ben put to death?

27. What did Harrison find when he entered the Prophet's Town?

28. What did the soldiers do with the chief that they found in the town?

29. What message was sent to the followers of the Prophet?

30. What did the soldiers do to the town before leaving it?

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