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French Level 1
    Unit 7: Leçon 1
    Les Nombres
    (Quatrième Parties)
    In this unit you will be dealing with money. To help you be able to count it, I am going to teach you numbers from 90-100 (and maybe, OK, definitely, a few more). Let's start with 90. It is quatre-vingt-dix which in English means, "eighty-ten". This numbering system should be starting to be much easier for you to follow.

    Count with me:

    Track 55
90 91 92 93 94
quatre-vingt-dix quatre-vingt-onze quatre-vingt-douze quatre-vingt-treize quatre-vingt-quatorze
95 96 97 98 99
quatre-vingt-quinze quatre-vingt-seize quatre-vingt-dix-sept quatre-vingt-dix-huit quatre-vingt-dix-neuf

    Let's move on! This next part is MUCH easier. Below is the word for 100. See if you can determine what the word will be and how it will sound BEFORE you hear me say it!


    Now, here is the sneak preview: Suppose you want to continue counting to 101! You would say cent un, or cent une if you are counting something feminine. How then would you say 102? 103? 104? and so on...? Try to do it BEFORE you listen to me.

    Track 56
    101 102 103 104
    cent un cent deux cent trois cent quatre

    Now, if you really want to peek ahead, and test your skill, try saying all of the following numbers before me:

    Track 57
    200 300 400 500
    deux cents trois cents quatre cents cinq cents
    600 700 800 900
    six cents sept cents huit cents neuf cents

    Notice that with all quantities of hundreds above the number100, the word "hundred" or "cent" ends with the letter "s". We have seen in previous leçons that the letter "s" is placed at the end of words to show that there is more than one of whatever is being discussed. The same happens en français with "hundreds" because you have more than just "one" hundred. Make sense? If not, well, you know how it goes: Whether it does make sense to you or not, the best way to learn a concept is to memorize it!

    One nice thing about all this "hundreds stuff": Since there isn't a vowel after the "s" in "cents", it sounds exactly the same as "cent". I hope that helps you feel better about things.

    We shall now move on to the next leçon in this Unité!

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