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French Level 1
    Unit 7: Leçon 3b
    Describing Cost &
    Ordering Food II
    In the table below, I've listed all of the new phrases that were used at the restaurant in the last leçon.

    Check it out:

    Track 59
    Des Phrases  
    Moi aussi! Me too (also)!
    Que désirez-vous... What do you want (desire)...
    Un café au lait. A coffee with milk.
    Les prix ont changés! The prices have changed.
    C'est un peu plus chèr! It's (This is) a little more expensive!
    Combien coûte un sandwich au jambon? How much is (costs) a ham sandwich?
    Ça marche! That's fine! or That's OK! (That walks!)
    Vous désirez quelque chose à boire? You want something to drink?
    Mais oui! Yeah (But yes)!
    Un soda, euh, un Coca,... A soda, ummm (denotes indecision) a Coke,...

    Notice that to order a Coke we use the French form for the English word "a", or "un" (the masculine form) then the word, Coca. This is how we order all popular brands of soft drinks and mineral waters. Let's say that you wanted to order a Pepsi. How would you do it? You'd say, "Je voudrais un Pepsi". See! Pas trop difficile, n'est-ce pas? (Not too difficult, right?) (The exact translation of "n'est-ce pas" into English is, "is this not?" It's another one of those weird expressions that you just have to memorize. "N'est-ce pas" is an especially useful phrase to learn because it is used by French-speaking people ALLLLLLLLL the time!)

    Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. On the list below are a few more words that can be used when ordering food or to describe feelings about thirst and hunger. Check them out:

    Track 60
    Des Phrases  
    Tu as soif? Are you thirsty (You have thirst)?
    J'ai soif. I am thirsty (I have thirst).
    un soda a soft drink
    un thé a cup of tea (a tea)
    un chocolat a cup of hot chocolate (a hot chocolate)
    un jus d'orange orange juice (a juice of orange)
    un jus de pomme ("e" in "de" is silent) apple juice (a juice of apple)
    un jus de tomate ("e" in "de" is silent) tomato juice (a juice of tomato)
    un jus de raisin ("e" in "de" is said quickly) white grape juice (a juice of grape)

    You can try speaking these words in sentences that you make up, if you like, and when you're ready, you can do the assignment and take the test for Unité.

    Later, dude! Ciao!

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