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French Level 1
    Unit 8: Leçon 1a
    Verbs Ending in -ER
    Salut! I'm baaaaack. This time, I'm here on a very important assignment from Monsieur Charon. He has asked me to introduce you to some very important French verbs known as "-ER VERBS"! Why do we call them "-ER VERBS"? Because they all end with the letters "er".

    In order to carry out my assignment, I decided to interview some of my friends and ask them to tell me two things that they like to do and one thing that they don't like to do (in that order). Look at their responses below, read and listen to them and see if you can guess what each person is telling you about himself or herself:

    Des Activités
    Let's start with my best friend, Gille!
    Track 61
    J'aime manger des pizzas. J'aime écouter la radio. Je n'aime pas parler au téléphone.

    Next is my friend, Victoire. Check out what she has to tell you!
    Track 62
    J'aime danser. J'aime nager. Je n'aime pas étudier.

    Here is Marie-Catherine (the girl genius!)
    Track 63
    J'aime chanter. J'aime jouer du piano. Je n'aime pas regarder la télé.

    Have you guessed what my friends are telling you about themselves? Move on to the next leçon where Monsieur Charon is waiting and we'll find out if you're right!

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