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French Level 1
    Unit 8: Leçon 1, Interlude 2
    Verbs Ending in -ER
    Yes, I have returned! Thanks to Monsieur LeBrun and Madame Bordeaux, you are now an official expert on such French phrases as "I like to play hockey" and "I hate to play the piano." In this leçon, I am going to show you a few more words that you can use to tell someone any or all of the following:

    1. what you prefer doing (this works great when you have to choose an activity),
    2. what you want to do,
    3. what you would like to do (a very polite way of speaking) and
    4. what you do not want to do.

    Check out the chart below say these sentences after me:

    Track 72

    Des Phrases  
    Je préfère jouer du piano I prefer to play the piano.
    Je veux jouer au foot. I want to play soccer.
    Je voudrais jouer au foot. I would like to play soccer.
    Je ne veux pas jouer du saxo. I do not want to play the saxophone.

    O.K, you are now an official expert on the subject of how to express your likes and dislikes, "en français" about some sports and some instruments. The 64,000 Euro-Dollar question is: Can you add these words (I like, I hate, I prefer, I want, etc.) to other things that we have studied previously in this course? Sure you can! Here's a for instance. Let's say that you wanted to tell someone how much you like or love (same word) your mother. Do you remember how to say "mother"? (See Unité 5) The word is "mère". How do you say "my mother" in French? "Ma mère". How do you say I love? "J'aime". What is the best way to say the English phrase, "I love my mother", in French? If you said, "J'aime ma mère", you're right! By putting these words together, you are beginning to build your own sentence structures and really speaking French! Just to give you a chance to practice some of these new types of phrases, and to try your hand at making up some of your own, I have put together a short assignment for you on the next page. I'll see you in the next leçon when you are all finished with it!

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