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French Level 1
    Unit 8: Leçon 1f
    Verbs Ending in -ER
    I am now going to demonstrate for you how to say some sentences about playing, not playing, and hating to play the instruments below. Now I know what you are thinking, "I know how to do this! I already know how it works with sports. It is exactly the same thing. Right???" Not exactly. You will see what I mean.

    Look at the pictures below and say these words with me:

    Des Instruments de Musiques
    Track 71
    1. J'aime jouer (I like to play)

    2. Je n'aime pas jouer (I don't like to play)

    3. Je détèste jouer (I hate to play)

    If you remember, the new small word that we used with sports was "au". This word is a combination of two small words, "à" + "le". However, when we speak about playing an instrument we use different small words. Yes, I said "words"! In the pictures above these new words are "du" and "de la". What do these words mean? A direct translation would be "of the" or, as you learned with food, "some". If you are confused by this translation, well, I am very sorry? Just remember that the correct usage of these small words is another one of those things that you will need to commit to memory if you want to be able to speak French well!

    Next, you will have an assignment that goes with this leçon and the previous one. Have fun!

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