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French Level 1
    Unit 8: Leçon 1d
    Verbs Ending in -ER
    Hey! What took you so long?!! I know that you americans like to sit in front of your t.v., sipping your diet coca and watching the soapbox operas, but we are having school here!

    Now that you know the name of my favorite sports, I am going to show you three things:
    1. how you would say that you like to play each of them,
    2. how you would say that you don't like to play each of them, and
    3. how you would say that you hate to play each of them.
      (Of course, why anyone would hate to play any sport is something that I simply do not understand!)

    Underneath the title, "Des Sports" below, you will see a list of words. For example, you will see "1. J'aime jouer (I like to play)" etc. Underneath these sentences, you will be so fortunate to view, for a second time, the marvelous picture that I have done for you containing my favorite sports. Notice that the word before each sport has been changed from how it was written in the last leçon, that is to say, from "le" to "au". (I know that you are very curious about this change and that you want to know the reason it. I am very sorry. You will have to wait until a later leçon to find out "why". Just remember, for now, that if you want to say anything about a sport that involves the word, "jouer (to play)", you must change the word, "le" to "au".) We will say the phrase, "J'aime jouer" with each sport: ie: "J'aime jouer au baseball." "J'aime jouer au basket", and so forth. Then we will say the next phrase: "2. Je n'aime pas jouer" with each sport, and so on and so on.

    Are you ready?! Good! BEGIN!
    Des Sports
    Track 69
    1. J'aime jouer (I like to play)

    2. Je n'aime pas jouer (I don't like to play)

    3. Je détèste jouer (I hate to play)

    PAS MAL! (Not Bad!) In the next few leçons, M. Charon and Mme. Bordeaux will be teaching you about the reasons for the change of "le" to "au", as well as teaching you about French vocabulary for musical instruments. You can hurry on to them now, unless it is time for your soapbox opera. We would not want you to miss that!

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